This is a side blog of stumpomatic for all of the Fall Out Boy pictures that don't include Patrick: Pete Wentz, Joe Trohman, and Andy Hurley.
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Anonymous asked: hey do you have a place/tag/something with pictures of the guys around halloween (wearing costumes/those skeleton sweaters) anywhere? thanks!

The skeleton outfits weren’t from Halloween, they were from their February 15, 2013 performance on Jimmy Kimmel. I don’t have one link for Halloween photos, but if you check my last ask (two posts down), I’ve linked to everything by year.

Anonymous asked: is pete really injured in that picture you just posted, or d'you think that's makeup/mostly makeup?

He is not. That was a Halloween show and they used to always dress up for them (see 200320042005 plus here; and 2007 plus here). In 2003 he was a beaten up priest (they were all priests).